3 Things You Need to Know In Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office suite contains many applications associated with and it is very much productive application. From the two decades Microsoft is looking and helping the people in finishing their work in an easy and effective manner. On the other hand some companies and small businesses won’t use this utility around the world.

microsoft-office-365In the Outlook calendar and email tool many of the employees are living. Excel, Word and PowerPoint are the apps that are used by millions of teachers and students in order to write papers, create presentations and many more.

At the crossroads the Microsoft is found some time ago. Previously when the people were unaware of this and most of them were not willing to purchase this application, but the Microsoft has brought this application in the hands of those who needed it. The question arises here is how did Microsoft made it possible?

With a three pronged approach its answer was approached. According to its strategy’s first part to compete with Google Docs head to head by making certain parts of Office absolutely free online.

Microsoft is required by the second part of its strategy to continue offering Office in the ways with one time purchases of different versions and Office single apps.

Microsoft has got its third part of its approach which is more credit with small business and for Microsoft Office Student & Home users it becomes fed up with paying around $139.99 and it was launched just two years ago. Productivity app is done by Microsoft Office 365 what Spotify did to music and video is done by Netflix and Spotify.

When the Office 365 is compared with Spotify, the music service is subscriptional. The benefits and the business model are almost identical for the identical.

Office 365 allows the users to pay between $6.99 and $ 69 a year, instead of paying Office 2016 up front. In order to buy the legitimate copy the idea of Office 365 for everyone was Office reasonable. The Windows buyers are slapped by the PC makers and the retailers with hidden cost of Office ecosystem.

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