Best Software to Retrieve Deleted Data

Deleted an important data from your hard drive? Have you ever met such an issue when you turned on your PC and found that a virus has wiped out all your precious data? Perhaps even an email also deleted out of your Recycle Bin folder but you found desperately needed that information to work? Want to know how to recover deleted data? Are you the one who is looking for the recovery of deleted data? If your answer is yes then you are the right place, this tutorial helps you in getting a perfect solution on how to recover deleted data within a span of few minutes.

A certified deleted file recovery application can really help you out of a lot of troublesome data deletion cases immediately. With the aid of this application you can recover deleted files that are compressed and even encrypted. You can accurately perform data recovery on deleted emails, restore data from hard drives which are located within a network. With the recent generation of the deleted data recovery software you can also recover data that have been deleted from your Windows Recycle Bin or Mac Trash folder.

Issues that results in deletion of data are mentioned below

  • Delete All option, selecting Delete All option of the external devices like digital camera. For some external drives like camera there will be an option of Delete All, if this option is selected incidentally then all the data which were stored will be deleted.
  • While you are moving an important data from external drive to system drive or vice versa if there is any interruption between the operation like power failure or sudden system shut down then data may get deleted
  • Sometimes deleted data skips out of the Recycle Bin folder because of size limitation. Due to this it bypasses the Recycle Bin folder that results in permanent deletion of data
  • Deletion of data during repartitioning the hard drive
  • If your drive is infected form harmful malwares then it results in deletion of data stored on it
  • Files get deleted if you use an unreliable third party tool like antivirus application to scan your hard drive

Standard features of deleted data recovery application

Deleted data recovery application is safe and instant recovery of deleted data from hard drive, SD card, USB drives, flash memory cards, FireWire drives, iPods and other external storage drives.  This application facilitates to restore data from deleted partition with ease. You can easily perform recovery of data from formatted partitions, even after reinstallation of operating system. Accurately retrieves deleted data which are emptied from Recycle bin or Mac Trash within a few clicks.

Important tips to avoid deletion of data

  • Always be careful while deleting any data to avoid accidental deletion
  • Use UPS to prevent sudden shut of the system
  • Use only reliable deleted data recovery application to restore deleted data
  • Keep an updated antivirus tool to prevent virus intrusion

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