Best Way to Fix DOCX File

Microsoft Word is a word processor program developed by Microsoft . This application is widely used in educational institutes, public sectors, corporate sectors to create documents, presentation, thesis etc. It is available in different versions but Word 2007 and Word 2010 are mostly used. The extension filename of Word 2007 is .doc and Word 2010 is .docx. Word file is used for documentary purpose which includes text, clip art, animations, pictures etc. Since it takes a lot of time and effort to create a docx file so it become matter to worry when files may get corrupted and doesn’t open.

Docx File Repair software is one of the most reliable tool to fix docx file that doesn’t opens. This software is user friendly so non technical user can fix it by following some simple steps. It is one of the best tool to fix docx file that doesn’t opens as it follows read-only strategy thus ensures that there will be no modification n original docx file.

Scenarios by which Docx File Get Corrupted

Virus Attack: When user is downloading a docx file from internet or sharing a docx file to another device then there is a chance of virus attack which results in docx file corruption.

Improper Shutdown: When user is transferring a docx file to another device and system is turned off suddenly due to certain reason such as power fluctuation, battery failure etc then it is possible that docx file get corrupted and doesn’t open.

Round Tripping: When word file is converted into one version to another such as doc to docx and again converted into previous one then there is chance that docx file get corrupted.

Microsoft Word Failure: When you face any problem or get error message while you are trying to install MS Office or upgrading the software then your docx file get corrupted and doesn’t open.

Header File Corruption: Docx header file is an important component of Word file. The header file contains all information about Word file if it get damaged due to virus/malware attack, user is unable to access docx file.

Other Causes: Power failure, file transfer, bad sector on hard disk, recovery tool error etc are some reasons due to which docx file get corrupted and doesn’t open.

Features of Docx File Repair Software

  • Docx File Repair Software is one of the most efficient tool to repair docx file which doesn’t open due to certain error.
  • All version of MS Word is compatible with this software.
  • The repaired docx filer can be saved either on internal or external storage device depend upon the user.
  • Demo version is available for this software so that user can check how it works before purchasing.
  • This software requires 50MB space for installation which is very less.
  • Technically trained support team is always ready to provide assistance to the customers whenever he wants.
  • It is effective software and suggests user how to open corrupt docx file by following some simple steps.
  • This software is used to fix corrupted docx file without changing the original file. It is kept unmodified.

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