Best Way to Recover Lost Data after SDHC Card Not Formatted Error

I took lot of pictures with my Nikon Camera’ S SDHC card while on vacation. However, I encountered an error i.e. “SDHC card not formatted error” when I tried to open that SDHC card in my system.  I shocked after seeing this error. Later, I connected to other system and tried to open but the same error encountered. If I formatted my SDHC card will loss all pictures, so what should I do solve this problem.

SDHC card is an ultra thin flash memory card designed to give high capacity memory in small card. However, this card is used in various electronic gadgets such as Camcorders, Smartphones, cameras, video game consoles, and personal PC, etc. You can store all types of data into that card, such as audio, video, pictures, documents, etc. However, storing very important files into it is not a good practice because memory cards are easily prone to virus attacks and results in inaccessible device.

In addition, sometimes memory card encounters error when you tried to access in various electronic gadgets. The above-mentioned error in SDHC card is very common and due to which many user lost their valuable data.  Usually this error occurs in SDHC card when it is damaged tor corrupted due to various reasons. However, you no need to worry; because these kinds of errors are easily fixed and data can be restored from SDHC card with few simple steps with the use of efficient memory card software called SDHC memory card recovery.  This application comes very handy to recover data after SDHC Card not formatted error on both Windows and Mac system with utmost ease.

List of other various reasons behind the loss of data from SDHC card

Formatting:  Formatting process removes all data stored on device and allocates new memory block to store data freshly. However, if user opt this option without having proper data backup will end up with loss of huge data.

Inappropriate use of card: Most user use memory card in Smartphone and they use it inappropriately i.e. abruptly removing memory card out without switching off Smartphone will results in memory card corruption.

Virus attacks: In memory cards, virus threats can easily enter when you connect it to any infected system, using card to store infected data from internet, etc. Once these virus threats enters memory card starts corrupting files stored in it and finally, files hides  in memory card only after severely attacked dangerous virus threats.

Interrupting file transfer: User attempts to backup all data to their system once memory card is full and to store other fresh data. However, while transferring memory card data to system if you interrupt the process by suddenly ejecting card out may results in los of files, which are being in transferring mode.

Accidental deletion: At times user may delete files accidentally while organizing, viewing and sorting files in memory card end up with file loss. In addition, while cleaning memory card by deleting unwanted files, user may choose important files accidentally and delete them.

User may lose their valuable data from SDHC memory card, such as audio, video, pictures, etc due to any of above-mentioned reasons. But with the use SDHC memory card recovery software user can easily get back whatever data is lost from SDHC card in simple steps. Not only SDHC card, user can recover data from SD, SDXC, Micro SD, Min SD, pen drive, external hard drive, etc.  It supports recovery of data on NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, HFSX, HFS+ file system. In addition, it retrieves data without altering file structure and performs safe, secure and quick file recovery process.

Caution: Whenever you encounter with any type of error with your SDHC card while accessing in electronic gadgets, do not opt formatting option and even avoid attempting to open it repeatedly. Otherwise, your card might corrupt severely and results in loss of data permanently.

Note: Demo version of this application works similar to full version and there is no differences between them. You can utilize demo version to check the recovery results, but it does not allow you to save restored files. If you are happy with demo version results, then buy activation key to enable save feature and save all restored files to any storage device.

Tips to follow
1. Do not connect SDHC flash card to any infected system
2. Do not use same memory card in various electronic device
3. Use memory card in an appropriate way
4. Avoid ejecting card abruptly even card is in use
5. Scan memory card with updated antivirus application to kill virus threats
6. Do not store very important data to memory without having proper backup
7. After recovering data do not store in same memory card

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