Deleted Partition Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

Does you partition of your hard disk got deleted / lost from your Windows / Mac OS computers? Are you unaware about how your partition / drive got lost or deleted? Do you want to know how to recover deleted partition effortlessly? Then refer this article and don’t lose hope, as you can easily recover your lost partition using this reliable “Partition Recover Windows 7” application. This utility is able to recover your lost / deleted partition from both of your Windows and Mac computers.

Features of this software:

  • This application is able to recover your lost / deleted partition / drive regarding-less the scenarios behind the loss as it can even restore partitions having file system like FAT, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, HSF, NTFS, NTFS5, and HSF+ partitions/volumes.
  • The rescue partition tool is capable of recovering lost data from RAID5, RAID1 and RAID0 partitions also it supports recovery of partitions / drives from some of the various branded hard disk drives like Western Digital, Seagate, Samsung, Iomega, Hitachi, Maxtor, OCZ technology, Apple etc.
  • Deleted partition recovery utility creates disk images while performing recovery of partition inorder to avoid bad sectors. Alternatively, the undeleted files from partition can be sorted according to the name, date, size, and file type.
  • This tool can perform accurate recovery of partition that got deleted / lost due to accidental deletion of partition, partition deleted due to third party application, partition deleted due to Mishandling of Command Prompt / Terminal etc.
  • By using the tool you can “preview” your recovered partition files before saving the file also this application can also be used to recover data from USB flash drives, memory cards, external storage devices so on.

Reasons for Partition Lost /Deletion:

  • Accidental Deletion: A physical drive of your hard disk drive can be extended or shrink it’s size of existing partition by Windows Disk Management Utility / Mac Disk Utility. But, while performing this operation you may inadvertently delete a partition. As the action of this you may lose your partition and valuable data presented in it.
  • Third Party Application: Using some unreliable third party tool for partitioning or resizing your hard drive, may automatically delete your any one of your existing partition without your knowledge which leads to loss of partition /drive.
  • Command Prompt / Terminal: Sometimes accidental deletion of partition may occur while working on Terminal option in your Mac computer to delete a partition. At that time, instead of deleting the particular partition, you may accidentally enter another partition. As a result, your partition will be deleted completely. Similarly, misusing the “Diskpart” in command prompt might also lead to deletion of partition on your Windows computer.
  • Other Causes: Sometimes, reasons like MBR corruption, File system corruption of the partition; hard disk failure etc. might also lead in deletion / loss of partition.

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