How to Fix Audio Video Out of Sync in MP4?

MP4 is a video file format which containing audio and video information such as video clip. MP4 video file supports QuickTime Player for playing a video file without any synchronization problems. But sometimes a video file does not play properly or does not support media player due to several reasons like sync problems, damaged or crashed codecs, and so on. Audio Video synchronization refers to the relative timing of audio and video parts during creation, mixing transmission, reception and playback processing. AV synchronization issue come in video conferencing, firm, etc.

Generally this problem is quite common among number of users as there are number of various scenarios that partially corrupt the file which makes its file play without proper synchronization of audio and video streams. When MP4 file get corrupted then, audio may lag behind video or vice versa, also video continues to play but audio freezes and so on.

In this type of condition, you may get tensed and start thinking how to fix audio video sync problems in MP4. However, to fix audio video sync problems in MP4 file then you can take assistance of Fix QuickTime File software. This is the best repair tool specially designed to repair audio video sync problems in mp4 and makes its file playable with proper codecs of audio and video streams.

Scenarios for audio video synchronization problem in MP4:

  • Viruses Attack: Virus attack on the MP4 files or they are severally affected by deadly viruses, which may cause of files get might partially or fully corrupted, which makes its file unplayable or unreadable.
  • Interruption: While you downloading a file from internet then interruption occurs due to network error, or sometimes interruption occurs due to power failure, abrupt shut down of system, sudden ejection of pen drives when transferring the files from external storage device to computer which may cause of file corruption.
  • Improper Conversion: Sometimes, while you converting the video file format from one to other by using unreliable application, then there are chance of occurs synchronization problems in audio video codec streams.
  • Other Causes: The audio and video sync issue in MP4 file may also arises due to some few more scenarios like incompatible media player, codec issues, mismatch audio video frame length, etc.

These are the common reasons behind the audio video file synchronization problems in MP4 file. If you want to overcome from these scenarios then you can take help of effective repairing tool termed as Fix QuickTime File software. With the aid of this tool, you can solve audio video synchronization problems with proper codecs of audio and video streams within utmost ease.

Advantegous Features of Fix QuickTime File Software:

  • This is an excellent and recommended tool specially designed by highly professionals to fix audio video out of sync in MP4.
  • It has capable of fix damaged, corrupted or crashed video file format from various storage devices like internal or external hard drives, flash memory devices, multimedia memory cards, and many more.
  • This tool has got effective scanning process which scan the storage drive and fix the synchronization problem with proper audio and video codec.
  • This utility repair audio video synchronization problems compatible with file system FAT, NTFS and EXFAT of Windows operating system.
  • This application has capability to fix audio video synchronization problems on various versions of Windows and Mac operating system without any hassle.
  • It has ability to produce a preview option to view the repaired audio video synchronization problem before saving them in a desired location.
  • You can fix different types of media file formats like MOV, 3GP, MPG, MPEG, AVI, AMR, MP3, etc. of various media devices such as digital cameras, Smartphones, Tablets, laptops, and so on.


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