How to Open an Encrypted File in Windows System?

Are you facing file access denied issue on Windows system?  Sometimes when you try to open a file on your Windows system and face access is denied. This type of error can happen due to several. File encryption or decryption is one of the major reasons behind it. Sometimes, you can face these types of problem because you have forgotten to decrypt the file and directly copied file in encrypted form from other Windows system. After copping to other Windows system drive, when you try to open this encrypted file, then you face such access is denied message.

In this situation, you need to export the Encrypting File System certificate and key. These types of situations happen because of permission issue. If you are not having the authorization to view the file or the encryption key you are using to encrypt the file probably different from other computer. So first of all, you need to check the permission to ensure that whether you have permission or not. To do this, right click on file and go to properties option. After clicking on this, properties Windows will open. Here you need to go to Security tab and check that you do not have access to read or open that particular file.

To access this file, you need to contact to your site administrator. But if the file is copied from other Windows system, then you need to get the key from the source computer means fro where it is copied. If the file encryption is done by some other person, then ask for that person to add the certificate to the file before accessing it. There are few simple steps to encrypt the file and get an encryption key from other system such as:

  • Export the Encrypting File System certificate and key from the source computer and then import them on the system on which you are trying to open it.
  • Go to control panel and open the certification manager.
  • In the left side of certification manager, double-click Personal, click Certificates, and click the EFS certificate.
  • Go to Action menu followed by ‘All Tasks’ and then click Export option.
  • Certificate Export wizard will appear, here click on Next button after that Yes, followed export the private key, option and then click next.
  • Select Personal Information Exchange radio button and again click on Next.
  • Export process creates a file to store the certificate. Here you need to give a name for the file and select the location where you want to save it and then click on Save.
  • In order to import certificate, you need to Right-click the encrypted file, and go to Properties.
  • Click the General tab, and then click Advanced. Here click on Details, new dialog box appear.
  • Click on Add button and click on OK in each of the four open dialog boxes to finish it.

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