How to Recover Files from iTunes on Mac

“I have a Macbook Pro that lost a few iTunes songs that were saved on its hard drive. Some of the files were purchased by me so I need them back at any cost. Is it possible to get back files from iTunes application on Mac? If yes, then how do I do it?”

It is certainly possible for one to recover files from iTunes. It doesn’t matter what caused the files to go missing from your hard drive but all you require is an iTunes recovery software that will scan your Mac hard drive to recover the lost or maybe deleted iTunes songs off it.

Here is a video that shows you how to recover files from iTunes using an iTunes recovery software that is made specifically for a Mac OS.

With a good recovery tool like the one shown above, you can assure yourself that all your deleted or lost iTunes songs can be easily recovered. It is quite an important task for a user to create a backup for all his iTunes songs. Some of the iTunes files happen to be purchased files by the user so losing any of the files in this fashion can be frustrating to the user. The best way to protect your files is by having a backup of all iTunes files in a separate physical folder altogether.

iTunes songs can be of any file extension such as AAC, MP3 and so on. When these files go missing or are deleted from your drive, you need an iTunes recovery tool that supports to identify all the file types that iTunes supports. At the same time, iTunes files come in various sizes so it also becomes important to recover back iTunes files of all sizes too. All these are covered by the above employed iTunes recovery application using which one can ensure that all his iTunes files are obtained back in just a few mouse clicks.

If you deleted or lost iTunes files from your Mac, then you shouldn’t be writing any new data onto its hard drive. All the missing or deleted iTunes songs from your Mac hard drive will still be present in it even after you have deleted or lost it from the drive. This data remains until you write new data onto the drive and if the new data overwrites the lost/deleted iTunes songs in the memory, then you cannot recover it back again. So it is extremely important that you never install any programs after the iTunes file loss and instead get a software that can run on your hard drive and recover files from iTunes on Mac.

Features of this iTunes Recovery Application:

  • It can be used to recover iTunes files on all Mac versions.
  • You can recover purchased iTunes songs as well.
  • The recovered iTunes songs can then be saved to any location on your Mac.
  • It uses a very simple user interface that lets you select the drive and recover deleted/lost iTunes songs from it in just a matter of minutes.

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