How to Repair Microsoft Outlook PST File?

Microsoft Outlook is the email client used by the most IT professional. Outlook provides amazing features for users which is more efficient than other email applications. Apart from emails, Microsoft Outlook facilitate user with different attributes such as reminders, notes, task, contacts, etc. The default file format of Outlook is PST and it stands for Personal Storage Table. In spite of these benefits, Microsoft Outlook PST file may get corrupted or damaged due to many reasons like fault in Microsoft Outlook application, registry error, etc. User may get worried and may think what happen to Outlook PST file. How to repair my PST file?

If you are using Microsoft Outlook account to handle all your emails along with associated attributes. You might come across with such type of issues to the Outlook PST file or may be some other reasons. Because of this your Outlook account cannot be accessed. Then, one question comes to your mind that can I repair my PST file. And you may also try to search for the solution over the internet. But failed to succeed, if you keep reading this article carefully you will understand about the most powerful repair tool that enables in fixing corrupted or broken Outlook PST file easily and this is possible with Fix PST software. With irrespective of errors and corruption occurred to your Outlook PST files, Fix PST tool will repair the damage or corrupt PST file and restores all the inbox mails and other Outlook stuff completely.

What are the symptoms that cause corruption or damage of Microsoft Outlook PST files?

Regardless of concern and smooth handling of the Microsoft Office Outlook application, sometimes a worst situation occurs to the Outlook account may get damage and indirectly it refuses to open Outlook profile. Few reasons for corrupting Outlook PST file are explained below-

  • Suppose, if user working with Outlook profile using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003. The complete data of Outlook is stored in a single file known as PST and most of the user does not know that maximum size for PST file in Microsoft Outlook 2003 is 2GB. If PST file exceeds its default size limit then it will get corrupt or damage.
  • When user accessing the Microsoft Outlook profile during this time if Outlook application is terminated or closed improperly then it results in corruption of PST files.
  • This is one of the most common situations to corrupt or damage Outlook PST files. Suppose, the system is infected by the severe viruses which may cause corruption of Microsoft Outlook PST files.
  • Still there are other factors that may lead to corruption or damage Outlook PST files that include issue in synchronizing with Microsoft Exchange Server, header file corruption and more.

Significant features of Fix PST software:

Fix PST software is an award winner and most of the IT industrial experts is rated has well. This utility has ability to repair my PST file effortlessly and create a new healthy PST file. It can fix Outlook PST file is created on different version of Microsoft Outlook like 2010, 2003, 2007, 2000 and it can also supports repairing OST files. You can preview the repaired PST files in Outlook browser view.

This repair tool has capacity to fix password protected PST files. User can restore emails which are emptied from deleted items folder easily. It is compatible in repairing the Outlook PST file on various Windows OS such as Windows 8, Vista, XP, Windows 7, etc.

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