Know How to Customize iOS Sharing Menu

Know How to Customize iOS Sharing MenuSharing is one of the great upgrade which Apple has provided in the iOS operating system. With new extensions for iOS Share Sheets on iOS 8. You can finally share all the important data directly with third party utility and services. In addition to this new feature, Apple also contributes users the capability to modify the share sheet menu which is a very cool and fun upgrade from Apple. Apple are continuously working on this Share sheets menu of the iOS application to make it better con No matter whether you are using an iPod touch, iPad or an iPhone, you can optimize the share sheet menu and its sub-menu functionalities by following the subsequent steps on the Apple devices.

Know How to Customize iOS Sharing Menu:

Step-1: In your Apple device and open a particular photo in “Safari” or in any other application that comes along with “Share Sheet” menu utility.

Step-2: Now open the photo in full-screen view and click on the “Share Sheets” icon, which could be presented in the bottom-left corner screen of the iOS device.

Step 3: Just scroll with your finger in the presented “sharing actions until you find the “more” options button and tap on it!

Step-4: Now change the sequence that is presented on the “Share Extensions with the help of drop and drag functionality. After this carefully click and hold the three horizontal lines that are offered on the right hand side of each element.  Now simply drag the label to the preferred order and just release to confirm it.

Step-5: To enable or disable the third party applications “share extensions all you have to do is to tap the knob presented next to its label.

Know How to Customize iOS Sharing MenuOnce when you got your third party applications “share extensions” all organized out, press on the “Done” option to go back to the main “share sheet menu” and chose the “more” option button in the second row. Here, you can find the first and third party app’s actions such as, the options enables to “add” an item to your Apple iOS device home screen, try to send it to an “Air printer, or import it into a well-matched third party app. Once again turning to the screenshots, you will have Any-list which lets you fast to import the recipes, and  one permanent password, which works finely with apps and with all websites automatically to insert stored login info.

If you are not able to disable or hide any of the default “actions”! Then you can rearrange it by dragging a particular action’s “three bars” and moving it up or down in the desired wish list. With this method, you’ll at least be able to put your favourite or most-used actions first, ensuring quick access. By simply following above simple steps you can actually optimize the “share sheet menu and its functionality in almost in any of the Apple iOS devices.

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