This is How You Can Fix PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint is one of the most used presentation tools which has many features like text, color, fonts, inserting a table, inserting images, animations, etc. It is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. It is widely used for creating slides either it has to be present in front of students, clients, colleagues, customers, etc.

PowerPoint Template is a pattern or pre-structured format to create slide which contains basic structure like theme color, theme font, border, background style including content. You can create your own PowerPoint Template for your organization or there are many inbuilt templates also available which you can freely download from the internet.

In case of any corruption, there is inbuilt repairing tool which handles minor corruptions problem with PowerPoint files. If your PowerPoint file has corrupted first of all you should try inbuilt repairing tool to repair PowerPoint Template. Even if it does not fix you should look for third-party repairing tool but while choosing repairing tool you should choose a most reliable tool for Repair PowerPoint which is capable to repair PowerPoint Template having severe corruption. Using Repair PowerPoint is one of the best methods to fix PowerPoint Template as it has an algorithm to read the corrupted file and create the new healthy file after repairing. So there are no chances of further corruption on original corrupted file while repairing process.

Reasons Which Are Responsible For Corruption of PowerPoint Template

  • PowerPoint Slides created on the newer version and trying to open it in an older version PowerPoint may lead to corruption of Template as well as PPT file.
  • If you are downloading PPT file from the internet, and there occurs some interruption in internet connection then it may lead to Template corruption of PowerPoint file.
  • Virus on the system may affect the PPT file as a result file may get corrupted and will not be longer accessible.
  • If you will try to open PPT file with some other third party tool then also there is a chance of corruption in files.
  • While accessing or transferring PPT or PPTX file from any storage device, if the device gets detached somehow, it will lead to PowerPoint Template corruption.
  • Improper termination of an application while working or accessing will affect PowerPoint Template and it may corrupt.

Besides above-mentioned reasons, there are many more reasons which may responsible for the corruption of PowerPoint Template, where you can make use of Repair PowerPoint utility to repair PowerPoint Template without any hassle.

Characteristics of the Software

  • It’s most important features is that is it a read-only software it will scan the corrupted file as a reference and generate the new healthy repaired file, thus there is no chance of more corruption in the original corrupted file.
  • It can repair major corrupted PowerPoint file where inbuilt repairing tool fails to fix the problem.
  • Repairs almost all version of PowerPoint files.
  • Repair and recover files with all features added on original corrupted file like text, font, animation, color, etc.
  • The software is compatible with all popular Windows OS like Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows2008, Windows7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.
  • After complete repair process, you can view the repaired file prior to save.
  • The repaired file can be saved to any accessible location wherever you want.

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